About the IAGC

The IAGC focuses on accelerating value creation for our members and advancing the geophysical and exploration industry’s freedom to operate. The IAGC engages governments and stakeholders worldwide on issues central to geophysical operations and exploration access, including prioritizing timely, accessible data acquisition throughout the life of the asset; providing predictability & competition; promoting regulatory & fiscal certainty and promulgating risk- & science-based regulations.

Founded in 1971, the IAGC is the global trade association for the geophysical and exploration industry, the cornerstone of the energy industry. With member companies in 50 countries, our membership includes onshore and offshore survey operators and acquisition companies, data and processing providers, exploration and production companies, equipment and software manufacturers, industry suppliers, and service providers.

Nikki C Martin

For 50 years, the IAGC has demonstrated proven leadership in the geophysical and exploration industry. Our members have spurred energy exploration and created cutting-edge technology, bringing needed energy resources to the world in an environmentally-responsible manner. Energy Starts Here.

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IAGC Mission

The IAGC optimizes the business and regulatory climate and enhances public understanding to support a strong, viable geophysical and exploration industry essential to discovering and delivering the world’s energy resources.

IAGC Vision

The IAGC’s vision is to be the most credible and effective voice for promoting and ensuring a safe, environmentally responsible and competitive geophysical and exploration industry.

IAGC - Strategic Plan

Freedom to Operate

The IAGC’s primary focus is advancing global exploration access by engaging government and regulatory entities with credible scientific, technical, and legal analysis to protect the environment and develop essential energy supplies.


Industry Alignment

The IAGC establishes strong cooperative relationships with related international and regional trade associations and organizations to create alignment and enhance industry advocacy effectiveness. We also develop consistent industry positions on emerging policy and regulatory issues.


Accelerate Value Creation

The IAGC work includes elevating inclusion of geophysical data acquisition as a priority within governments’ energy policies and advancing frameworks to attract and maintain investment for exploration and geophysical data acquisition throughout the life of the asset. We also foster and promote recommended best practices, statements of principles and model contracts to promote environmental protection, safety and efficiency.


Leading & Influential

The IAGC is the standard-bearer for facilitating continuous improvement and promotion of HSSE, social responsibility, technological innovation and operations. We are the global forum for industry thought leaders and the favored source for credible information for the geophysical and exploration industry.

IAGC Membership

We invite you to become a member of the IAGC to support our efforts in expanding our global presence and implementing effective strategies that elevate the visibility of our members and position the geophysical and exploration industry for future success!

IAGC - Benefits and Opportunities

Benefits and Opportunities

Membership with the IAGC provides access to world-class resources that support the roles of companies and their employee roles and a voice on pressing issues to the geophysical and exploration industry.

IAGC - Class & Qualifications

Member Class & Qualifications

Membership is open to onshore and offshore operators and acquisition companies, data and process providers, exploration & production companies, equipment and software manufacturers, industry supplier and service providers.

IAGC - Dues


Based on the membership class and qualifications, dues are paid annually.