IAGC Membership

Our strength is our member companies and their employees who shape the IAGC’s priorities and strategies on issues most important to member companies.

IAGC membership is invaluable. In the IAGC, the G&E industry has a powerful and effective voice. There is no doubt that the Association is a leader in shaping the global energy dialogue using credible scientific, technical and legal analysis. When I think about the benefits of membership, just a few of the things that come to mind are IAGC’s proven proactive strategic approach in working with governments for freedom to operate, the scientific and technical expertise at members’ disposal, the fostering of top-notch HSEQ standards and best practices, and the list goes on. Every membership dollar is used wisely, and we consistently get much more than what we invest.

Joseph Dryer
President, Multi-client and Geo Services
Fairfield Geotechnologies

The IAGC engages governments and stakeholders worldwide on issues central to geophysical operations and exploration access, and works vigorously on behalf of its members to advance the industry’s Freedom to Operate, ensuring increased access for acquisition and acreage. Our goal is to Accelerate Value Creation by reducing cycle times for the industry by ensuring clear, consistent, and transparent science- and risk-based permitting processes and increasing efficiencies in our members’ operations by delivering high-quality products and services. We invite you to join the most credible and effective voice for promoting and ensuring a safe, environmentally responsible and competitive G&E industry!

Learn about the IAGC’s strategic plan, programs, resources, and projects of IAGC’S committees and workgroups in our Membership Overview Guide.

IAGC - Benefits and Opportunities

Benefits & Opportunities

The IAGC membership provides access to world-class resources that support the roles of companies and their employee roles and a voice on pressing issues to the geophysical and exploration industry. Membership in the IAGC is by company and permits all member-company employees to participate in IAGC activities. Your company’s membership enables you to:

  • Promote efficiency, safety, environmental sustainability and assurance in your business and operations with access to the numerous members-only resources on the IAGC member website, including industry best practices and guidance, HSSE statistics database, trends analysis, and safety manuals, regulatory and environmental compliance tools, model master licensing agreement and key licensing and contracting statements of principles, and public advocacy materials and publications.
  • Stay abreast of critical industry news and updates via member alerts and the IAGC Newsletter and bi-weekly NewsBrief, which educates members on regulatory & policy issues and IAGC initiatives, activities and events.
  • Be represented before key legislative and regulatory bodies around the world to help drive geophysical and exploration policy.
  • Shape industry priorities and positions through IAGC Committees and Workgroups.
  • Enjoy discounted registration to IAGC conferences as well as access to member-exclusive webinars and workshops where you can receive and exchange information, network with industry peers and develop critical skills.

Membership in the IAGC is by company and permits all member-company employees to participate in IAGC activities.

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Class & Qualifications


The top level of membership is Governing Members. As a benefit, Governing Members sit on the IAGC Board of Directors and drive the association’s priorities and strategies.


Non-geophysical companies, such as Exploration & Production (E&P) companies, that support the mission and objectives of the Association.


Companies meet Governing Member qualifications but elect to participate at a lower level of membership.


Companies provide products and/or services to the geophysical or E&P industry.


Companies that provide professional services to the geophysical or E&P industry.


Companies that qualify for Contributing or Associate class within one year of establishment.


Individual consultants to the geophysical & exploration industry.

IAGC - Dues


Membership dues are paid annually based on a calendar year. Dues are based on the membership class.

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Governing Members

Fairfield GeoTechnologies
Magseis Fairfield

Industry Partners

Conoco Phillips

Contributing Members

Africa Geophysical Services L.L.C.
Allton AS
Asian Energy Services Ltd
Axxis Geo Solutions, Inc.
Caspian Geo LLC
COSL Geophysical

Geofizyka Torun SA
NCS SubSea Inc.
Ocean Infinity

PT. Elnusa Tbk
Searcher Seismic Pty Ltd.
Sinopec International Petroleum Service Corp.
ThayerMahan Inc

Associate Members

Advisian, a Worley Group Company
Hurricane Geo Inspection Survey SDN
Remote Medical International

Schlumberger WTA (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
SEICHE Measurements
UnitedHealthcare Global

Professional Services

 Beveridge & Diamond
Stephens Inc
Stoel Rives