Americas Committee

The Americas Committee addresses the issues of importance to member companies with operations in North, Central, and South Americas and the Caribbean. The Americas Committee provides the opportunity for IAGC Members to discuss and address governmental and operating issues affecting geophysical exploration in the Americas and develop operating standards, best practices, and recommended procedures to enhance geophysical efficiency and effectiveness.

The Americas Committee members shall be appointed by the Board of Directors. The committee shall be Chaired by IAGC Governing Members on a voluntary and rotational basis. The committee Chair and Vice-Chair will be nominated by the Board of directors and elected by the Executive Committee. Once elected, the Chair and Vice-Chair will serve in their roles for two years.

Shawn Rice, Magseis Fairfield

Shawn Rice, Magseis Fairfield

Elaine Mattos

Elaine Mattos, Fairfield Geotechnologies


  • Provide input and direction to the IAGC regarding key priorities in the region.
  • Create and direct IAGC Americas workgroups that address issues in Americas countries to ensure consistency on overarching goals and objectives of the IAGC and provide input in guidance documents as appropriate.
  • Manage IAGC Americas workgroup membership participation to ensure the appropriate personnel are appointed to each workgroup.
  • Continue to monitor and engage in developing Americas issues and concerns that may impact members freedom to operate.
  • Provide all members with a discussion/information exchange forum on the issues related to Americas in adherence with IAGC’s Anti-Trust/Competitive policies and procedures.