IAGC Seismic Efficiency Initiative

The IAGC Seismic Efficiency Initiative was established in 2019 by IAGC Governing Members and Industry Partners to develop specific counsel-approved initiatives, best practices and standards, to promote environmental protection, safety and efficiency within the Geophysical & Exploration Industry.

Through the Initiative, the IAGC has created three non-commercial, efficiency enhancing workgroups built upon the IAGC Strategic Framework.

Audit Workgroup:

  • The first workgroup formed out of the Initiative; the Audit workgroup published the IAGC Marine Geophysical & Geotechnical Risk-based Auditing Guidance on 15 October 2019. This guidance provides recommended guidelines for global auditing and inspection processes for contractors, subcontractors and clients involved in marine geophysical and geotechnical survey operations. The Auditing Guidance is a significant milestone in the IAGC’s efforts to promote efficiencies, cost-reduction and bespoke solutions for the geophysical and exploration (G&E) industry, a priority of our Board members and Industry Partners.
  • The next phase of this workgroup is to design, develop, and implement an industry Audit Database of shared member audits and inspections.

Standardizing HSSE Specifications:

  • The Standardizing HSSE Specifications Workgroup was developed to remove the need for submitting mass HSSE documentation on multiple occasions in a short time period to allow more focus on project-specific HSSE risks and mitigations.

Standardizing Technical & Vessel Specifications:

  • The Standardizing Technical & Vessel Specifications workgroup was formed to create cost effective solutions that reduce inefficiencies and duplication in the format and production of various survey technical and vessel specifications and to enable increased quality and focus on bespoke technological solutions. The key objective for this workgroup is to develop a standardized technical & vessel specifications template for use by IAGC members and housed in the Audit Database.

Participating IAGC Governing Members

Fairfield GeoTechnologies
Magseis Fairfield
Seabed Geosolutions

Participating IAGC Industry Partners