Aide Memoir

The Aide Memoir is the G&E industry database of injuries and fatal incidents that have occurred around the world. The data from the Aide Memoir provides information about the cause, location, type of activity involved, and environment to assist IAGC members and the greater G&E industry in continual mitigation of hazards and risks as well as improving practices that lead to fewer incidents.

In the G&E industry, risk management is a critical part of operations and takes into account historical knowledge through risk assessments for low-frequency and high-potential incidents and fatalities comprised on the basis of collective industry experience. The IAGC and its partners assemble a database of fatalities from geophysical operations to help improve the industry’s Health, Safety, Security & Environment (HSSE) management of geophysical operations.

What is an Aide Memoir?

  • The Aide Memoir is available to professionals and companies involved in the energy industry at the discretion of the IAGC. The database, updated periodically, is kept fully anonymous, with no country, company, contractor or victim information.
  • Only the year of the incident is recorded to minimize the possibility of entering duplicate events. Additionally, the IAGC includes the vehicle incidents from the source data bases.
  • Although formal incident reports are best, these are not required. As long as the reporter has first-hand knowledge of the incident, a brief summary of the events that occurred are sufficient.
IAGC - Aide Memoir
IAGC - Aide Memoir

Why is the Aide Memoir needed?

The Aide Memoir documents and maintains historical knowledge in effort to:

  • Helps answer the question, “Has this happened before?”
  • Inform checks on hazard registers and HSE guidelines and manuals.
  • Provide further statistical insight on the risk pattern and profile for geophysical operations.
  • Foster the full use of industry experience, rather than the limited experience of a single company or individual.
  • Offer essential training material for the new generation of G&E industry professionals, including knowledge of past incidents.

What can you do to help?

The IAGC requests that companies and/or industry professionals send information on additional incidents, not yet collected in the database or shared to Jameson White at

To access a copy of the latest IAGC Aide Memoir, please contact Jameson White at

Health, safety and security are industry priorities.  Maintaining the database and keeping the knowledge-base at the forefront ensures we continually honor the victims of these tragic incident and work diligently to prevent them from happening again.  Please help us by submitting your incidents to the database.

IAGC - Aide Memoir